NOT A New Year’s Resolution – Make One Goal Per Month

Beginning a new year is such a hopeful time for most of us – especially this year! There seems to be a sense of being given a fresh start every January 1st. Many of us make a list of our New Year’s resolutions that we are absolutely determined to accomplish. Yet, too often, we stumble over the first steps, then we retreat to our old habits. Why not determine for this year to be different? Let’s NOT set New Year’s Resolutions – instead, let’s set one attainable goal for ourself per month!

Write One Goal Per Month

Goals that aren’t written down are destined to fail. So write it out, and keep in in a place that you will see regularly so you can review your progress and recommit on a consistent basis.

Create Goals In Different Areas Of Life

Let’s say for example, you may be most concerned that you get your finances in order, but how about those other areas of life? Maybe your first month may be to organize your finances, but add a health goal (like walk for 20 minutes per day) for the second month. The hope is, of course, that you’ll continue making good choices as the months go by.


Goals Need To Be Realistic And Attainable

While it would be great to get out of debt, and drop 20 pounds, and get that new job that pays three times your current salary in 2021, you do want to make sure that the goals you set are totally attainable. So instead of setting a huge goal that involves lots of steps, be realistic with yourself.

Goals Need To Be Measurable

The best goals to set are the ones that you can measure. You shouldn’t just say “be healthier“… who knows what that means! If you make one goal to stop eating junk food – and another goal to walk for 20 minutes per day, now those are easily measurable.

Think About Getting Help From a Partner

One reason why some goals are so hard to reach is because we try to do them alone. It’s hard work, and if you’re going at it alone, no one knows if you give up on them! So think about teaming up with a partner who will help you achieve your NOT Resolutions. You can help each other and hold each other accountable throughout the months.

December 16, 2020

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