Positive Thinking is Good for the Heart
Do you wake up every morning and look forward to your day? Are you a person who tries to see the bright side of every situation, even when others don’t? If you answered yes to these simple questions, then you’re probably an optimist & you are already on the right track toward having a happy and healthy heart. Research shows that a positive attitude is linked to better health, specifically improved heart health. Did you know that optimistic people tend to live longer and lead healthier lives? They also bear fewer cardiovascular illnesses. Wondering how you can exercise positive thinking and get a healthier heart in the process? Here are a few tips:

Staying Positive

Some people are born positive thinkers, while others have to try much harder maintain a positive attitude. Being optimistic basically means that you approach situations in life in a more positive and productive way. Here are 4 immediate changes you can make in your thinking if you need some help staying positive.
  1. Identify the negative areas Consider the areas of life that you tend to think negatively about, such as politics, relationships or work. Choose just one part of one of those areas and try to start thinking about it in a positive way.
  2. Find humor in life By letting yourself laugh at some of life’s situations, specifically during difficult times, you may be surprised at how quickly you can put a positive spin on things. Try to find humor in everyday scenarios and focus on the funny part of it rather than stressing about it or complaining.
  3. Be around positive people Surrounding yourself with fun loving, positive people is always a good idea. These people tend to bring the best out in us and can lighten up any bad mood.
  4. Be kind to yourself Millions of people around the world are guilty of negative self-talk and it can be deadly. Instead of focusing on every bad or negative thing about yourself, think about your blessings and what you are grateful for. Get rid of those nasty words that you may be telling yourself.

Positive Thinking and Your Health

Most people understand that positive thinking happens in the mind, and studies show positive thoughts & optimism have a direct impact on your body and many health risks. A recent study shows that adults with greater optimism had two times the odds of being in “ideal cardiovascular health” as compared to their pessimistic counterparts. The optimists also had lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/

The Older You Are, The More Important It Is

Even though all of us benefit from keeping a positive attitude, older adults can especially improve their health staying optimistic and seeing the glass half full. This attitude in seniors is associated with fewer chronic illnesses and better overall health. In another recent study, researchers examined changes in positive thinking. They found that the higher the optimism level in seniors, the more improvements they had in their health and they had fewer chronic illnesses. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1948550619832023

February 10, 2021

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